Programme management


  1.  Strategic Goal  

  1. To develop and implement integrated programmes that utilise ARASA’s strategic partnership to ensure access to universal health, gender equality, reduced inequality, promotion of the voice of the marginalised groups, key population, dignity, and well-being for sustainable development in East and Southern Africa by 2028.

  1. Specific Objectives 
  • To build and strengthen civil society capacity, to effectively advocate for a human rights-based approach to universal health coverage, HIV and TB, prevention, and access to SRH services. 
  1. To support local, national, and regional processes for monitoring progress on targets towards SDGs 3, 5, 10, 13, 17 through ARASA partnership in 18 countries 

  1. To facilitate regional space for collaboration on influencing public policy on health, gender equality and equity 

  1. To strengthen formulation, collation, utilisation of reliable data and information for advocacy.  

Influencing Strategic Coalitions  

  1. Strategic Goal 

    To enhance the ability of the vulnerable, marginalized or excluded to challenge the status quo by amplifying their voices, and building their capacity to define and prioritize their issues, and act to address and resolve them. 

  1. Specific Objectives  

    1. 1. Increased involvement of communities affected by inequality and limited human rights 

    1. 2. Amplifying the voice of marginalised communities in speaking issues that affect them.  


organisational development

  1. Strategic Goal 

    To invest in strong internal systems and improvements at all levels of the organisation, adequate resources, and equip staff with new skills and knowledge to sustain change in the working practice, culture and organisational effectiveness. 

    1. Specific Objectives 

      Ensure a positive and robust Human Resource Management system that supports the development of our team and a satisfying work life for all. Maintain and maximise a diverse and well balanced portfolio of revenue sources. Continuous improvement and development of our financial reporting systems. Commit to the work Health and Safety of all our people