Consultancy to Consolidate Appendices for ARASA Policies


Established in 2003, the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) is a regional partnership of civil society organisations working together in 18 countries in East and Southern Africa to promote the rights to bodily autonomy and integrity to reduce inequality, especially gender inequality and promote health dignity and wellbeing. 

This Terms of Reference (TOR) covers an overall requirement to develop appendices for various ARASA policies for clear directions for ARASA.  The expected outcome of this consultancy will be to develop appendices for ARASA’s human resources procedures and policies, conflict of interest and the financial policies and procedures manual.


ARASA is seeking the services of a consultant/s or firm with pre-requisite skills to consolidate appendices for various policies key to a deeper understating of ARASA policies, functionality and strengthening of ARASA’s systems. Appendices contain supplemental information to the policies.

The appendices are for the following policies:

  • Human Resources procedures and policies
  • Conflict of interest policy
  • Financial Policies and Procedures Manual
  1. Human Resources Procedures and Policies

Appendix 1:     Confidentiality Agreement Form

Appendix 2:     Shortlisting Template

Appendix 3:     Reference Check Form

Appendix 4:     Orientation Form

Appendix 6:     Remote Working Form

Appendix 10:   Staff Development Procedure check

Appendix 11:    Performance Improvement Plan

Appendix 12:    Beneficiary Appointed Form

Appendix 13:    Clearance Form

Appendix 14:    Discharge Certificate

Appendix 15:    Grievance Form

  1. Conflict of Interest

Appendix 1:     Recusal Statement

Appendix 2:     Gift and Hospitality Register

Appendix 4:     Conflict of Interest register

  1. Financial policies and Procedures ManuaI

Form ARA004 –           Purchase Order

Form ARA008 –           Petty Cash Replenishment Request

Form ARA010 –           Travel Expense Claim

Form ARA012: Asset Disposal Requisition

Scope of task

  • To undertake the consolidation of appendices for ARASA policies in alignment with best practice and legal expectations
  • To align the appendices in line with organisational policies, priorities, strategy, and legal framework within country of host.
  • Make the information provided relevant and supportive of the policies.

Expected outputs and deliverables

  • Briefing meetings with ARASA management
    • Detailed Work Plan for the consultancy
    • Inception Report within 5 days of signing the contract
    • Final copies of the appendices
    • Training of staff

Duration of the assignment

The duration of the assignment is expected to be 30 working days from the contract signature date.


  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience with similar assignments or master’s in law, policy formulation, human resources, public health, humanities, communication, social sciences or any other relevant subject.
  • Excellent written English and ability to write clearly and concisely.
  • Ability to work independently and produce high-quality outputs in a timely manner.

How to apply