SA Mining Sector faces heavy criticism for TB crisis

At the South African TB Conference that took place in Durban from 1-4 June, the gold mining sector came under heavy criticism from clinicians, ex-miners, advocacy groups and the Minister of Health. Gavin Churchyard, a leading TB clinician and researcher, described TB in South African mines as an “unprecedented public health disaster”. Churchyard was speaking… Continue reading SA Mining Sector faces heavy criticism for TB crisis

Zimbabwe Budget Advocacy Resources

Domestic Resource Mobilisation and Health Financing in Zimbabwe Situation Analysis.pdf domestic-resource-mobilisation-and-health-financing-in-zimbabwe-situation-analysis.pdf healthcare-financing-advocacy-and-domestic-resource-mobilisation-training.pdf PITCH Curriculum Zimbabwe FINAL.docx Policy Brief_Zimbabwe healthcare financing landscape_final.pdf

Kenya Budget Advocacy Resources

Kenya Budget Advocacy Resources Health Financing CSO Case Studies Kenya FINAL.docx Health Financing Situation Analysis Report Kenya FINAL.docx Health Financing Training Manual Kenya FINAL.docx Health Financing Policy Brief 1_CSOs Kenya.docx Kenya DRM Policy Briefs/Health Financing Policy Brief2_Govt Kenya Donors (FINAL original option).docx Module 1 DRM Introduction FINAL.pptx Module 3 DRM System Reforms FINAL.pptx Module 4… Continue reading Kenya Budget Advocacy Resources

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