KELIN leads the way in protecting and promoting human rights in tuberculosis and HIV. In a space where there are few organizations calling for human rights to be an integral part of TB programming, KELIN has made the commitment to fight for the rights of people to access TB prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and support. KELIN uses the law to achieve policy change and recently raised the issue of people who were being imprisoned in Kenya because they interrupted their TB treatment. 

KELIN is prioritizing an agenda that has long been left neglected by the TB community and their contribution is essential for us. KELIN is essential in strengthening capacity of many other similar organizations across the world, hence going beyond the Kenyan borders. The Stop TB Partnership is proud to work with KELIN and support this much needed work. To learn more about what we do or to contact us, click here

Kenya Sex Workers Alliance

KESWA is an umbrella body of the sex workers led groups and organizations and it exists to strengthen the voices of sex workers and to empower their health and human rights.(both male, female and transgender sex workers). Keswa advocates for sex worker’s rights as human rights, through Awareness Raising, Capacity Strengthening Organizational Development and Advocacy. To learn more about what we do or to contact us, click here