CDF is an NGO striving to contribute and analyse African families’ relationships in conjunction with children’s legal and human rights in order to put the matter on the public agenda, creating a forum to empower children, the families and the society in general, and to promote and reinforce children’s right. CDF is mainly active in the following activities: Training and Capacity building, Policy advocacy, Research, publication and documentation. To contact CDF, please email them at: and

Children Education Society (Cheso)

The Children Education Society (CHESO) is a private, voluntary, non-partisan, not for profit, non-governmental organization empowering communities to protect children, promote their human rights and reinforce their right to education.  Among the CHESO key result areas are: Zero HIV infection, Zero HIV Discrimination and Zero AIDS related deaths to children, their families and community members.To contact them, email Richard Shilamba at

Telephone: +255 7332 992 164 or +255 754 296 812



Community Participation Development Association Tanzania (COPADEA-TZ) has a vision is to promote healthy and productive communities living in harmony and good governance. They are committed to empowering communities by working with them to create an environment of safety, equity and socio- economic development. They also focus on facilitating development by promoting awareness and advocating for change. Their objectives include promoting and protecting human rights and good governance; creating public understanding of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other relevant development issues; empowering communities to be able to engage with and facilitate local level changes in the areas of HIV/AIDS and community health and promoting access to social services including health and education by marginalised groups. Their main activities are implemented under the themes of HIV/AIDS and malaria, Capacity Building, Wealth Creation, Natural Resource Management as well as Advocacy and Lobbying.

For more information, please contact:

Telephone: +255 28 2982507 or +255 684 084805



The Network of Young People living with HIV and AIDS (NYP+) was established in June, 2003 with the objective of promoting the wellbeing of young people living with HIV/AIDS and as an instrument for fighting against new HIV infections among young people. The organization targets youths aged 15 to 35 years. They visualise a society where every young person is free from new HIV infections and the wellbeing of those living with HIV/AIDS is well guaranteed. They are dedicated to freeing the society from new HIV infection and improving the lives of those infected, through capacity building, networking, lobbying and advocacy programmes. The organisation engages in advocacy as well as capacity building and have been implementing a project on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights for the Young People aged 10 to 24. You can contact them at:

Telephone: +255 713 324830 or +255 713 32483



Southern Africa Human Rights NGO Network (SAHRiNGON), Tanzania Chapter is a non-governmental, non-partisan network organisation established to ensure the promotion and protection of human rights in Tanzania and Southern Africa. You can contact them on

Title: National Coordinator


+255 614 409 431

+ 255 754 550 824

+255 22 218 2983






The Tanzania Network of Women living with HIV (TNW+), is run by women living with HIV and aims to promote the voices of Tanzanian women, girls and orphans living with HIV, hence promoting greater involvement of women and children living with HIV, at all levels. The overall goal of the TNW+ is to reach out to an increasing number of girls, women living with  HIV and their families to benefit from effective program intervention that fulfil their rights and aspirations, by 2015. The objectives of TNW+ include efforts: to lobby for full participation of women with HIV in relevant decision making bodies at local, national and international levels; to fight stigma, discrimination and violation of human right faced by women living with HIV; and advocate for the participation of women with HIV in service development, research and policy making for the rights of women living with HIV. Please visit for more information or contact Joan Chamungu, the National Coordinator at

Community Health Education Services and Advocacy (CHESA)

Community Health Education Services and Advocacy is a network of LGBTI, sex workers and LGBTI and sex workers living with HIV. Since its inception in 2008 it has been working towards supporting its membership to be more visible and claim social, economic and health rights, through different techniques. They target all young Tanzanian men who have sex with men/ gay men, women who have sex with women/ lesbian women, bisexual, transgender, intersex, sex workers and LGBTI living with HIV, amongst others. They have implemented activities to capacitate LGBTI living with HIV and AIDS on human rights and access to health services as well as how to come out / disclose to family members. In addition, they implement a community outreach education programme, distribute Information, Education, Communication (IEC) materials and protective gears (condom and lubricants).

You can contact them at 

LGBT Voice, Tanzania, aims to have a society that respects all humanity and protect their rights, especially the rights of lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI), sex workers and PLHIV; a society where every person’s rights are valued, and where there is no discrimination and exclusion of one another. LGBT Voice Tanzania amplifies the voice of the LGBTI community by empowering real people to share their stories, holding the media accountable for the words and images they present, and helping LGBTI groups communicate effectively. By ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are heard through the media, the organisations promotes understanding, increases acceptance and advances equality. LGBT Voice Tanzania's objectives include providing LGBT & sex workers with the information, skills, and strategies to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS, and advocating for policies that mandate the gender-sensitive comprehensive sexuality education that will enable future generations to reach adulthood in good health.

Please contact James Wandera Ouma, the Executive Director at:; Website:

  •  Centre for Widows and Children Assistance (CWCA) is committed to empowering marginalized women and children and advancing their human rights issues in Tanzania. They aim to facilitate empowerment of the marginalized women, children and the general public for social justice in Tanzania. The organisation implements activities to provide care and support to widows and children through economic empowerment and initiation of income generating activities; provide legal aid to people who cannot afford to hire private legal services; and sensitise the community, law enforcers and the general public on human rights, gender and the law. You can or write to or to learn more about the organisation.

 Tanzania Civil Society National Steering Committee on HIV and AIDS response (CSONCS)

CSONCS targets all civil society organisations affiliated to the 10 umbrella organisations responding to HIV, TB and malaria in Tanzania. Its vision is to have a coordinated and harmonised strong voice for NGOs and CBOs working on HIV and TB in Tanzania. Its mission is to facilitate coordination and networking of Tanzanian NGOs and CBOs working on HIV and AIDS for a common and harmonised voice that is able to influence policy and major decisions on HIV and AIDS at national and international levels. The organisation aims to strengthen research, networking and information sharing among NGOs and CBOs working on HIV, TB and malaria in Tanzania by 2019; to strengthen the capacity of NGOs, CBOs and their networks working on HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria by 2019; and to facilitate an effective advocacy forum, which influences HIV, TB and Malaria policy and decisions at national and international levels in by 2019.

Please contact to learn more about CSONCS.

Tanzania Community Empowerment Foundation (TACEF) is operating mainly in the Dar es salaam region and focuses on HIV prevention programmes and livelihood activities in an effort to improve the lives of sex workers and transgender people. TACEF implements these programmes through various activities such as training and other workshops concerning HIV, income generating activities, life skills, psycho-social counselling, referral to services centers, distribution of condoms and advocating on human rights.


 Warembo Forum is a female sex workers organization founded in 2011 to focus on health promotion and human rights amongst marginalized women, particularly female sex workers in Tanzania. The organization has been working with other key populations nationally and internationally in order to extend their network for learning, sharing information, expertise and  experiences. Their main activities focus on human rights, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health rights and income generating activities.



Tanzania Network for People who use Drugs (TaNPUD) / Tanzania Network of Women who Use Drugs (TANWUD): TaNPUD works to create an enabling environment to promote the health and rights of people who use drugs by raising the voice and profile of the community of drug users and providing them with skills to document their stories and challenges in an effort to get evidence for advocacy on drug policy and harm reduction. The organisation also aims to strengthen the capacity of people who use drugs on injecting safely and overdose management. The organisation trains health care workers on the health-related challenges faced by drug users and what needs be done to address these challenges. TaNPUD also educates families of people who use drugs and the general public about what it means to be a person who uses drugs and the challenges faced by people who use drugs in an effort to end mob justice targeted at people who use drugs. TANWUD advocates for the rights of women who use drugs whose rights have been violated and works to change unfriendly services and laws into better ones. The organisation aims to train women who use drugs about how to prevent HIV and care so that they understand how they can take care of their health and prevent HIV infection for themselves and their children. TANWUD also works to educate women who use drugs on how they can deal with harassment and violation of their rights. The organisation targets adolescents, homeless children, women who use drugs as well as their partners and families.

Contact Happy Assan (Coordinator) at


Stay Awake Network Activities (SANA) is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to advocate for the human and health rights of sex workers, men who have sex with men and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Tanzania. It is managed by LGBT people and sex workers based in Dar es Salaam and implements outreach programmes, voluntary counselling and testing, provision of water based lubricants, referral services and sensitization on health and human rights. The organisation was formed in 2008 and has been participating in different platforms.

 Contact: or