Rights Not Rescue Trust (RNRT), Namibia:

RNRT is a sex-worker led organisation, advocating for universal health care services and legal protection for sex workers in Namibia. The organisation offers peer education, courage, empathy, diversity and equality. They also work to ensure workplace safety for sex workers and aim to portray sex work in a positive way, which enables and affirms their occupational and human rights.

The vision of RNRT is to eliminate HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI) in the sex work industry and promote a strong, healthy, resilient and empowered sex industry workforce in Namibia. They also aim to eliminate stigma and discrimination among those involved in the sex industry and promote a society that respects the link between health and social justice. RNRT can be contacted at naoxamub@yahoo.com

AIDS Law Unit of Legal Assistance Centre (LAC)(Namibia)

LAC was founded in 1988, with the main objective of protecting the human rights of all   Namibians. Their works are being monitored by the Legal Assistance Trust, whose trustees include legal practitioners, other professionals and community leaders. They carry out research, particularly on the need for new laws and the implementation of existing laws. They are most interested in public cases which will have a wider impact on the community than just assisting the individual concerned. Such a case may establish a new legal rule, which will change the law for the entire country or address a discriminatory policy or practice. LAC also provides legal information and advice on human rights regarding HIV/AIDS discrimination, Gender Equality, Human rights and constitution and Land, environment and development. To contact LAC, please log on their website or email them at: www.lac.org.na or email info@lac.org.na


Name: Boemo Sekgoma

Email: bsekgoma@sadcpf.org

Title: Director Programs & HIV/AIDS Policy Advisor


+264 61 287 0010

+264 81 214 3770

+ 264 61  226899


Parliament Gardens, Robert Mugabe Avenue




SADC Parliamentary Forum HIV/AIDS Programme ( SADC PF)

Private Bag 13323
Boemo Sekgoma
Direct tel: +264 61 220 784
Sabelo Mbokazi
Email: smbokazi@sadcpf.org


Tonata PLWHA Network (Namibia)

Tonata PLWHA Network is an organisation that aims to improve the quality of life of PLWHA through the creation of a supportive and enabling environment and exercise basic human and constitutional rights of people infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. Their activities are to provide members with communication and advocacy services such as a quarterly newsletter, Tonata radio show, Distribution of HIV/AIDS information, and representing the voice of PLWHA on regional and national levels. The activities of TONATA aim to improve the living conditions of people living with HIV and AIDS by having support groups trained with skills and knowledge as a means to secure their livelihood and sustain themselves through the activity of member savings and groups funds. To contact Tonata PLWHA Network, please email them at: jeremiatonataplwhanetwork@gmail.com, jshetunyenga@yahoo.com and tonataplwhanetwork@gmail.com


Voice of Hope Trust is an NGO bringing together sex workers in the Erongo region, in the west of Namibia to advocate for their rights. Their overall goal is to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights for sex workers through the distribution of male and female condoms as well as lubricants to sex workers in order to alleviate HIV infection amongst sex workers. They also conduct activities to promote safe sexual activities and host support group meetings to provide a platform for sex workers to support each other and share information.  Voice of Hope Trust is represented on the Steering Committee of the Namibian Sex Workers Association. You can reach Voice of Hope Trust at gawases.lr@gmail.com

Out-Right Namibia (ORN) works diligently towards the attainment of the full constitutional right to equality and equity of sexually diverse people in Namibia through strategic advocacy, lobbying, evidence based interventions and movement building. The organisation’s vision is to be the leading agency in creating a united movement of sexually diverse people who enjoy improved quality of life and access to legal and social justice. ORN works with partner organisations in advocacy and human rights programming nationally, regionally and internationally.
For more information, contact: Linda RM Baumann at lbaumann82@gmail.com / outrightnamibia@gmail.com

Wings to Transcend Namibia is a Namibian NGO focused on the health and well-being of transgender people in Namibia. They implement activities related to outreach, education, advocacy for law reform, media outreach as well as providing psycho-social and spiritual support.

Contact: wingstotranscendnamibia@gmail.com or visit wingstotranscendnamibia.wordpress.com