Name: Irene Cossa


Telephone: +258 21 407 180 

Telephone: +258 82 427 0150

Telephone: +258 21 407 180

Adress: Av Paulo Samuel Kankamba, 1127 ,Maputo .Mozambique


Alternative email:
Simiao Vasco Nhambongo
+ 258 822 909 500



Name: Cesar Mufanequico

Title: National Coordinator


Telephone: +258 21 400 147



Telephone: + 258 824 117 330

Telephone: +258 21 400 147


Avenida Romao Fernandes Farinha 1123
1 andar esquerdo, Bairro do Alto-Mae Maputo Mozambique


Mozambican Treatment Access Movement (MATRAM)
Alternative Email:
Alternative Email:
Alternative Email:
Alzira Nguenha
+ 258 897 581 066


Established in 2006, MONERELA Is a national inter-faith based organisation consisting of religious leaders living with and affected by HIV that are acting as agents of change and hope in their congregations. The main MONERELA+ activities include, advocacy and lobbying, training of religious leaders and religious congregations and also training and empowerment of FBO and CSO. MONERELA+ promotes the SAVE approach (safer practices, access to medication and nutrition, voluntary counselling and testing, and empowerment through education) as an HIV model.

MONERELA+ has been using its SAVE Toolkit combined with ARASA’s Toolkit to increase knowledge in the religious congregations and surrounding communities, FBOs and CSOs about HIV and AIDS, TB and malaria presentation. To contact MONERELA, please email them at: and


Name: Rafa Valente Machava

Title: Director



+258 21 325 580

+258 21 311 250

+258 82 3055 900

+258 21 425 580

Av. Paulo Samuel
Kankomba no 2150
Maputo Mozambique


Associacao Mulher, Lei e Desenvovimento (Muleide)
Alternative Tel: +258 1 325 831
Clotilde Berta Malate (programs officer)
+258 828 907 760
+ 258 82 305 5900


PFUNANI is an NGO engaging to work on prevention and mitigation of HIV/AIDS as a way to reduce poverty. Their aim is to advocate for the access of information and treatment related to health in general and HIV/AIDS for women and children. The main activities that PFUNANI focuses on are: community mobilization on prevention of HIV/AIDS, Awareness of women’s rights in access to treatment, Advocacy, and Dissemination of HIV/AIDS legislation and information. To contact PFUNANI, please email them at:

UNIDOS - Rede Nacional Sobre HIV/SIDA is a national network of 83 Mozambican organisations based in the provinces of Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane, Manica, Tete, Beira, Nampula and Cabo Delgado. The organisation was established in 1998 and is focused on drugs use and HIV within drug using communities, including sex workers, men who have sex with men. The organisation implements peer education programmes, thematic debates, thematic workshops, counseling sessions, voluntary testing for HIV and TB and the distribution of prevention information and commodities such as female and male condoms, lubricants and educational materials on drug use, HIV, hepatitis and TB. UNIDOS also works with partners to advocate for the development and implementation of a National Public Health Policy focused on key populations (drug users, sex workers and men who have sex with men) in order to ensure access to services and non-discriminatory treatment.