The Dr Idrice Goomany centre was set up in1986 with the view to reduce the demand for drugs in Mauritius through prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drugs abusers. They noticed a concern of an increase in HIV/AIDS infetions among a large population of drugs abusers and thus teamed up with PILS and other reliable NGOs at the forefront in the fight against HIV/AIDS and advocacy for a better understanding of the disease. Their institution is also known as a private VCT. To contact DR IDRICE GOOMANYCENTRE, please email them at:


PILS, Prevention Information Fight against AIDS, is an NGO established in 1996. While the HIV epidemic takes a global and national scale, nothing on the Island of Mauritius has been put in place to counter the spread of the AIDS virus and no structure was helping people with HIV. Today and since its inception, PILS implements prevention programs and supports people living with HIV who become beneficiaries of the association. Its expertise, local knowledge, and  its effectiveness and commitment transformed PILS into a major player in the response against AIDS in the Indian Ocean region. To read more about PILS, visit their website or contact

Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT) is a Mauritian network of NGOs created in 2005, working in the field of harm reduction in relation to drug use. CUT focuses on community projects and advocacy as the main NGO that is responsible for the Needle / Syringe Exchange Programme for Mauritius. 
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Groupe A de Cassis was established in June 1986 but some of its members have been active in addressing the needs of drug users since the 1970’s. The organisation was created with the aim of preventing the use of drugs and contributing to the detoxification and the rehabilitation of drug users. It was one of the pioneers in the establishment of the Centre D’Accueil De Terre Rouge, Centre de Solidarite, of the Center Lotus to the prison, other groups such as Elan, CUT in Mauritius and was also active in Rodrigues. 
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 Association Kinouété focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration of detainees and ex-detainees all over Mauritius. They work within the six prisons and with the families around the island.

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 Parapli Rouz is dedicated to the advancement of the rights of sex workers in Mauritius and focuses on mobilising the community of sex workers from different walks of life without any discrimination based on sex, gender, age, geographical location, method of work, sero status etc. The organisation also works to promote respect for the rights of sex workers; increasing their access to health services and strengthening the capacity of the NGO. Parapli Rouz is committed to addressing the vulnerabilities of sex workers through empowerment, promoting the basic human rights of sex workers, as well as sensitizing institutions and the general public on the harm caused by stigmatizing attitudes towards sex work. The organisation focuses on training health care personnel on sex worker’s rights in an effort to increase their access to health services.

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