Sambatra Izay Salama (SISAL)

Sisal is an NGO which has specific social and medical structures offering a continuum of prevention and treatment in the fight against HIV and AIDS to the vulnerable population in Madagascar.  Their main activities include: Prevention, Sensitisation and voluntary HIV testing, treatment of STI’s, and care for PLWH. Sisal is mainly targeting higher risk groups like sex workers, MSM, STI patients, and young women.To contact SISAL, please visit them on their website: or email them at

Youth First

Youth First is comprised of young people aged between 15-24 years old and has more than 4 years experience in youth development. During the past two years, they have engaged in global youth leadership activities and represented Malagasy youth (and French speaking youth) at various regional and international forra. Their activities centre on 1) advocacy for youth rights (including but not limited to SRHR) and youth meaningful participation; 2) community and participatory research on realities faced by youth; 3) capacity building of youth activists and youth led organisations on topic and issues affecting youth well being; and 4) awareness raising among young people on wide range of topic related to youth including but not limited to SRHR, gender equality and education.

You can contact Youth First at

Conatct details:

Name: Aina Razanamahefa


Title: Chair of Board of Director

Contact Numbers:
+261 033 045 5655


 Immeuble Avotra – Porte 7 Cité Firaisana Ankorondrano