The Kenya Ethical and Legal Issues Network (KELIN) works to protect and promote HIV-related human rights in Kenya by providing legal services and support, training professionals on human rights, engaging in advocacy campaigns that promote the awareness of human rights issues, conducting research and influencing policy that promote evidence-based change. KELIN’S mission is to promote and protect HIV related human rights while its vision is the full enjoyment of HIV related human rights for all. Their main activities include training of advocates, judicial officers, health care workers, community health workers, teachers and other key stakeholders as well as establishment and support to communities in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. They also developed training manuals on health and HIV related rights and provide technical assistance, comments and/or advisory opinions on existing draft laws, policies and practices and conduct advocacy campaigns.

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Name: Allan Achesa Maleche  



Kenya Legal and Ethical Issues Network on HIV and AIDS:
Alternative number: +254203861596
Allan's alternative cell number: +254 788220300 
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P.O.BOX 112-000202 KNH

The Lwala Community Alliance is a Kenyan-founded health, education and development agency. Its mission is to strenghten the capacity of people in and around the rural village of Lwala in North Kamagambo, Kenya to advance their own comprehensive well-being. While health is the central focus, they have launched programs in education, economic development, and public health education as a model for holistic development in the community.

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Kenya Sex Workers Alliance – Registered as Key Affected Population Health and Legal Rights Alliance (KESWA) - is a network of sex worker led organizations and community groups in Kenya, working together to promote a human rights approach to HIV and STI and tuberculosis (TB) in Kenya through capacity building targeting network member organizations and community groups and advocacy towards decriminalization of sex work, creation of an enabling environment for sex workers to access their sexual and reproductive health rights including HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention, treatment, management and care. KESWA undertakes advocacy, lobbying and campaigns to facilitate the process of decriminalizing sex work as well as educating the public about the rights of sex workers and that sex work is also work. The organization focuses on enhancing the capacity of network members to address the challenges faced by sex workers in their local regions through training and capacity strengthening sessions geared towards organizational development and institutional systems strengthening. 

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