Rigiac Sida Sannam- DRC

Rigiac Sida is a network of nurses and midwives engaged against HIV and AIDS pandemic in DRC in collaboration with 14 countries in SADC. The activities of Rigiac Sida are; Capacity building for associations, NGO and nurses, follow up and evaluating the association projects for awareness about the HIV and AIDS pandemic; Advocacy about financial support and care for nurses working in hospitals, associations and NGO and protect them in workplaces against HIV. To contact Rigiac Sida Sannam, please email them at: rigiac_rdc@yahoo.fr  

Organisation: Protection Enfants Sida (PES)

Name: Leonnie Kandolo

Email:  kandololeonie@yahoo.fr

Telephone: +243 970 229 13

Title: President 

Alternative contact:  +243 818 155 725

Address: 352 Chaussee 
L.D. Kabila B.P. 228

 Pleaders of Children and Elderly People at risk (PEPA) / Plaideurs des Enfants et des Personnes Agées operates in the DRC and Uganda with the aim of protecting human dignity without discrimination related to sex, gender, race or religion. Their main activities are advocacy and lobbying as well as humanitarian and legal support in the areas of human rights, HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria, child protection, working with elderly people and empowerment of civil society organisations.

Contact:  info@pepahumandignity.orgzagabejasperr@gmail.com  and visit: www.pepahumandignity.org