Uganda's HIV Bill Will Worsen HIV Stigmatisation

Posted by ARASA on August 5, 2010

Published 2010-06-03

Wednesday, 2nd June, 2010

Paul Wamimbi

RECENTLY, Parliament tabled a Bill on HIV/AIDS containing salient issues like mandatory HIV testing, disclosure, criminalisation of HIV transmission and universal access to treatment.

On compulsory disclosure, the Bill contains two aspects of the health personnel and client notification. It states that a medical doctor will disclose to people who are in close and continuous contact with an HIV-positive person if there could be a risk of them getting HIV through this person.

The Bill also states that a medical practitioner who carries out an HIV test will give an HIV-positive person reasonable time to disclose his or her status to the partner. However, if the person fails to do so, the doctor on behalf of the client, will disclose to the partner.

In addition, any person who transmits HIV to another person commits an offence and upon conviction is liable to five years in prison. Read full article