Introducing the superhero-themed Six I’s HIV/TB Communication and Advocacy Toolkit

Posted by Michaela on July 28, 2016

TB_Toolkit_Superheroes.pngIn the spirit of joint responsibility and ownership for a targeted effort to address the dual epidemics, ARASA in collaboration with partner organisations from across Southern and East Africa; undertook to create accessible and scientifically accurate training and advocacy tool, to promote the accelerated implementation of the Six I’s for HIV/TB.

“We have known how to cure TB for more than 50 years. What we have lacked is the will and the resources to quickly diagnose people with TB and get them the treatment they need. The world has made defeating AIDS a top priority. This is a blessing. But TB remains ignored. Today we are calling on the world to recognize that we can't fight AIDS unless we do much more to fight TB as well." Nelson Mandela (2014) To download the complete Toolkit click here.

To download and view selected chapters:
1. Background TB
2. Intensified TB Case Finding
3. Isoniazid Preventive Therapy
4. TB Infection Control
5. Initiating Antiretroviral Treatment
6. HIV Integration
7. Involvement of the Community
8. Statistics