ARASA Newsletter Issue 2 April 2009



  1. Focus on ARASA’s presence at the 4th SA AIDS Conference in Durban from 31March to 3 April 2009, where the ARASA team had a booth, made presentations and launched the 2009 HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in Southern Africa Report.
  2. Mines and TB presentation and op-eds  They are a part of the media outreach for the Mines and TB Campaign to bring awareness to and call for action on the plight of miners who are adversely affected by the high incidence of TB in the mines.
  3. The Training and Advocacy Programme hosted by Women and Law Southern Africa  in Swaziland.
  4. ARASA partner, Protection Enfants SIDA's article on HIV/AIDS in the workplace.
  5. Internships available for ARASA partners. Details of the internships and how to apply.

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