ARASA’s and ITPC’s Key Population Financing

Posted by ARASA on July 15, 2016

ARASA’s and ITPC’s Key Population Financing Programme Supports Visibility and Influence of Key Populations of Botswana, Malawi and Tanzania

Windhoek, 11 July 2016-- Living as an individual from a key population (KP) endangers one’s rights and even one’s life. Key populations are those groups which are most affected by HIV, and include men who have sex with men (MSM), people who use drugs, LGBTI, transgender people and sex workers. Members of these populations experience human rights abuses every day. They are denied access to education, health and legal services, and are the targets of discrimination and, sometimes, physical violence. As a result, many feel as though they have no other option but to either publicly conform and deny their identities.

The difficulties of living as a member of a key population in Botswana, Tanzania and Malawi is reflected in the lack of their representation in decision-making processes affecting them and in gaps in their capacity to influence and acquire funds from international donors to support their rights.

In 2015, ARASA and the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) sought to address this issue through the Key Population Financing Programme in these countries. This intervention aimed to support advocates from KPs in their attempts to have a voice in policy-making bodies and to attract HIV financing from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (hereafter “Global Fund”).

Through the trainings coordinated by ARASA and ITPC, the three targeted KPs, namely MSM, people who use drugs (PWUD) and LGBTI, as well as their communities, received information and skill-building opportunities focused on budget and resource planning and monitoring, financing for health, and Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) representation. CCMs are country-level groups, represented by individuals from both the public and private sectors, including government officials, people from KPs, from multi- or bi-lateral agencies, and from NGOs, among others, that determine priority needs, submit grant proposals to the Global Fund for financing, and oversee the disbursement of these funds once received.

ARASA and ITPC hoped to build and strengthen participants’ knowledge of their rights and their skills to ensure that their needs are being addressed on a national scale. With these tools, the organisations and individuals who attended the trainings would be better equipped to increase the visibility and the influence of those affected by HIV, many of whom are forced to live as outcasts.

Among several achievements following this programme, groups in Malawi succeeded in tabling a petition for increased funding for health in Parliament and in increasing the Global Fund’s financing for civil society organisations by tenfold. KPs in Tanzania were represented for the first time in their CCM through participation in the review of the CCM’s governance manual. In Botswana, KPs became Global Fund recipients for the first time, and the budget allocation for human rights programming and interventions targeting KPs increased from 0% to 15%.

As a result of the success of the interventions, more funding has been secured to continue this work and to bolster sustainability of their interventions, with the aim of expanding interventions into other countries.

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