End Forced Sterilisation!

Posted by ARASA on August 5, 2010

A public petition demanding that the government of Namibia, immediately stop the sterilisation of women without living with HIV without their full and informed consent in public health facilities in the country.

The campaign partners call on all Namibians and civil society organisations to sign the petition and join the campaign to end involuntary sterilisation of women living with HIV in Namibia.



The sterilisation of women living with HIV without their informed consent in Namibia is an emerging human rights issue and the extent of the problem is yet to be discovered.

In 2007, reports surfaced of cases in which women seeking medical care were allegedly subjected to sterilisation without informed consent at state hospitals in two of the thirteen regions of Namibia. Since February 2008, fifteen individual cases have been documented, which
appear to be merely the tip of the iceberg.

We, concerned citizens of Namibia and civil society organisations from around the globe,condemn the alleged sterilisation of women living with HIV without their consent in public health facilities in Namibia and call for an end to this practice.

We believe that numerous human rights have been violated, including those guaranteed and protected under the Namibian Constitution and international treaties. These include, but are not limited to, the right to liberty and security of the person; to health, to found a family, including reproductive health; to family planning; to privacy; to equality; to freedom from discrimination; and to life.

We call on government to send a clear message that it will not tolerate the violation of any woman’s fundamental right to make free and informed decisions about her own body and health, particularly with regard to reproductive choices, and further that it is actively pursuing initiatives to end the discrimination against people living with HIV. We hope this will mark an end to this flagrant violation of HIV-positive women's sexual and reproductive health and rights
in Namibia.

In order to ensure that these violations of rights do not occur in the future, we ask that the Namibian government:

1. Immediately issue a circular to both public and private health
facilities explicitly prohibiting the practice of sterilisation
without informed consent and ensuring that correct procedures are
followed for obtaining informed consent;

2. Review and update current reproductive health policies and
guidelines to reflect the same;

3. Train health care workers on the rights of patients, including the
right to informed consent;

4. Ensure that all health care workers receive adequate training about
the need for patients to receive quality and non-discriminatory
medical care, regardless of their HIV status;

5. Conduct a public awareness campaign on this issue, particularly on
patients’ rights and the responsibilities of medical personnel in

6. Establish an effective and accessible complaint mechanisms for
reporting violations of patients' rights; and

7. Conduct a public inquiry on the issue of sterilisation without
informed consent and ensure that women who have been sterilised
receive just and fair compensation for their loss, including
the option of sterilisation reversal.


Legal Assistance Centre, Namibia
Namibia Women’s Health Network, Namibia
International Community of Women living with HIV, Namibia
AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa, Namibia
Women’s Solidarity Namibia, Namibia
Women’s Leadership Centre, Namibia
Sister Namibia, Namibia

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On October 15 2009 a coalition of civil society organisations launched a petition calling on Namibians to join a campaign condemning the sterilisation of women living with HIV without their informed consent.